The kids we've helped through your donations

Your donations go toward research and directly for kids with cancer. Even if parents have the very best medical insurance, there are so many unimaginable emotional and financial situations that come up after your child is diagnosed. 

Here are just a few examples. If you're a single parent, how will you keep working or earning money? If you're married with 2 incomes, can either or both of you afford to take leave? What is the emotional and caregiving impact to the other members of the household, such as siblings, pets or other dependents; who will care for them when the child with cancer is in surgery, or other treatment? What if your car stops working? What if you need to refit your home for wheelchair access? If specialized treatment is needed and can only be provided at a specific hospital far away, will you be able to purchase airline tickets for your child and yourself, rent a car and pay for lodging? And even with the best insurance - will you be able to afford the thousands if not more in co-pays and uninsured costs of medical visits, procedures, treatments, prescriptions, and equipment? And all of the above - not just as one-time things, but potentially for years?

When Brandon was diagnosed, I would have done anything and taken him around the world to save him. The generosity of friends, family and strangers was overwhelming. Although Brandon did not survive, I learned that everyone can be a hero to someone. Sometimes it just takes the opportunity to be that hero to be set before you, then it is up to you as to what you do.

Here are a few of the kids that we have helped, who have given us permission to share their stories. 
About Emilia: 6 year old Emilia was diagnosed with an aggressive, cancerous brain tumor in June 2011, in Richland, WA. 
Only part of her tumor could be removed, keeping her in the hospital, away from home for weeks. Her father's taken an enormous amount of time off work, and her mother quit work to take care of Emilia.

What BGF did with your support: Thanks to everyone who stood up for Emilia to get her and her family to Houston for treatment.  Emilia was also able to attend our golf event and help us with the raffle.
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About Ismael: Before Ismael was diagnosed he was that able and happy 4 year old. Ismael is now in a wheel chair due to the deficits from his treatment for cancer. 

In order to improve his chances of surviving, his cancer the doctors had to be aggressive in treating his cancer.  The price Ismael has to pay for that is high. 

The reason doctors have to be so aggressive is that treating children with cancer is NOT the same as an adult.  Doctors are treating new and developing cells in a child, whereas in an adult, cells are mature and can be spared.


What BGF did with your support: We were so pleased to be able to purchase these ramps for Ismael.  He is on a vent and trying to move him and the chair and vent is hard and dangerous.


About Abdoulaye: BGF helped to support teenager Abdoulaye and his family, from Everett, WA.  Abdoulaye was diagnosed with Nasapharygeal Carcinoma in July 2012, 2 months prior to starting High School in the Everett School District.  Abdoulaye's cancer is very rare in children, but more common in adults.

When BGF met Abdoulayes mother, Safia, we were so touched by her love for her son and her relentless efforts to get him well.  What we didn't know is that the family is originally from Cameroon. Safia had fled Africa to set up a better life for her children. She worked so hard to gain citizenship and become certified to be a nurse. She then had her children sent here to be with her. 

In her own words below, you can read how they discovered that Abdoulaye was sick:

Life was perfectly smooth and easy for my son Abdoulaye and the rest of our family until the time he started complaining about the pains he was experiencing. Abdoulaye is a fourteen year old kid who loves to put a smile on people's faces. He would sacrifice his life just for his friends and family.

About three months ago, he spent most of his day time sleeping which I as his mother was not satisfied with. I remember asking to stop sleeping a lot, and this is when he confronted me to tell me that he heard noises in his ears at night which was preventing him from sleeping.

I took him to the Everett Clinic where one of the doctors there told me that he had ear's infection and prescribed some medicines. As he was taking them, he didn't feel any change.

A few days later, he started complaining about his teeth. An hour later he complained about his throat being too dry. We rushed down to Northwest Hospital, where the doctors predicted that he could be have a tumor, which was later confirmed as Nasapharygeal Carcinoma at the Seattle Children's Hospital.

Both our lives have changed. Tears are just dripping out of my eyes seeing him on different drugs and in pain. I believe and hope that he would be cancer free, but this dream is walking away from my side every single day.
Financial and emotional problems confront me everyday. I can't even work to support the family because Abdoulaye needs someone close to him to comfort him. It saddens him to see that he can not even go back to school and have a normal life  like his siblings and friends.

His sister is also getting married and I can't even help her as a mother financially. I am so overwhelmed and just want my son to be better.

I then met Kris from Brandon's Goal, and it was like I was sent an Angel.  She paid for my rent so I could pay my bills.  She came to visit and brought Abdoulaye some reading items because it is hard for him to leave the house. She has volunteers available to help me if I need.  With out Brandon's Goal, I don't know what we would be doing.

What BGF has done with your support: We have helped provide financial and emotional support. 

After Abdul had finished the majority of his initial treatment, unfortunately a new tumor emerged.