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We make it easy to get involved. Individuals, families and organizations of all sizes can share the rewarding feeling of giving, while helping the Brandon's Goal Foundation achieve our vision and mission.


Individuals (adults and kids) start by filling out our Volunteer Sign-Up form. Read below for information on our rewarding volunteer opportunities.
Organizations can get involved too. If you work for a company or run your own business of any size, there are great opportunities to be part of this important cause. Please read below for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals (adults & kids)

Become the Hero you want to be! We'll give you the opportunities -- you take the first step by filling out our Volunteer Application!


We have a wide variety of needs at various times of the year. We also love to provide opportunities for kids of all ages to put others' needs ahead of their own. (Note: parents need to help any child under age 18 fill out the Volunteer Application)


Just a few examples of Individual volunteer opportunites are:


 Store assistance: Our fundraising store is in Lynnwood, Washington and has ongoing needs such as donating items, collecting others' donations, stocking the store, working the register and any other retail help you can think of!

 Event assistance: greeting guests, handing out goods, serving refreshments & snacks, and more


 Fundraising: start your own fundraising webpage, being part of the Brandon's Goal team at an event such as a walk-a-thon, coordinating team needs, and more


 Office work: accounting assistance, processing donations, helping with gift cards, and more


 Creative: donating artwork to sell, help with videos, and more


 Caring: visiting kids and families on behalf of BGF, helping with Family Support efforts, and more


 Operational: delivering goods, running BGF booths at fairs and festivals, and more


 Surprise us! If you have a special talent, skill or anything you feel you can offer to help with BGF, let us know about it!


If you want to volunteer, please use our Volunteer Sign-Up form.


And of course the first thing anyone should do (whether or not you have time to volunteer with BGF) is to Join BGF and then Share it with everyone you know!





Opportunities for Organizations (businesses, clubs, churches and more)

We love working with businesses, clubs, community services, schools, and other organizations that want to help save children's lives. We make it easy for you to get involved. Please contact us if you can help with any of the opportunites below.
Just a few examples of how Organizations can get involved:
 Become an official BGF Corporate Sponsor. Pledge to donate a minimum of $2,500 per year either in funds, goods, or both, and we will advertise your sponsorship on our website, at all of our events (via banners and handouts), offer you a booth space at our events, as well as regular mentions in our facebook posts. 
 Become an official BGF Event Partner. If you are a business such as a restaurant, sports facility or other event center, offer to host a minimum of 1 BGF event per year to become an Event Partner. We will advertise your business on our website, at all of our events (via banners and handouts), and offer regular mentions in our facebook posts.
 Add BGF to your list of charities for organizational employee Giving Programs.
 Give us booth space. If you have a party, picnic, fair or other event, offer us a booth space (it will be uplifiting and inspiring!)
 Offer a service or product. We are always looking for donations of the latest software or other innovations to help keep our operational costs low.
 Offer products for auction gifts. We take pride in our unique and varied auction items. Please contact us if you have a service, product or travel gift that we can use in our auctions.
 Give us a speaking slot. If you have an event, presentation or other program, our CEO & Founder Kris Forth gives a compelling presentation called, "The Best You." (Read below for more information.)
Contact us today to get your organization involved!

"The Best You" Presentation

Brandon’s mom Kris began telling her and Brandon’s story to large groups in 2004. The honest, real and uplifiting presentation of her son’s life and the lessons learned will help remind people what is really important in life. Audiences sit quietly, waiting to hear more, while feeling an excitement and urgency to get home and begin living the way Brandon did.


The rollercoaster of emotions Kris takes you on at times can feel overwhelming, but isn’t that the point? Living a life of emotional safety will leave you cheated of the real experience of a relationship or the act of giving. It took Kris a tragedy to see the true meaning of life, of being a parent and of being a member of her community that made a difference.  Don’t let it be a tragedy that brings out “The Best You.”

Kris has shared "The Best You" with PTA’s, Youth Organizations, civic groups, fundraiser attendees, doctors, college classes and more. It is her hope that by hearing her son’s story you will make the same transformation her family did, to a better and more meaningful life.

Kris' presentation can be tailored to fit a variety of time-lengths and locations. Contact us today for more information.



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