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If you are the family or friends of a child with cancer, then you know how completely overwhelming and emotional the experience can be. We know, because we've been there.


People who don't go through this experience might not fully understand the impact. Not only are you concerned and scared for your child, but you also have to put on a brave face for your child, learn about cancer and do research, make critical decisions, take time off of work, take time away from other kids or family, keep your family and friends updated, spend money driving to and from medical facilities, pay for meals, pay for lodging and/or airfare if needed, and even if you are fortunate to have good medical insurance, there can still be plenty out-of-pocket expenses. The stress can be overwhelming, and some parents may even feel guilty for taking any time away to care for themselves.


The Brandon's Goal Foundation raises funds not only for cutting-edge research, but also Family Support for those most in need. We have assisted people with advice, emotional support, fund-raising efforts, and financial support. We also provide funds to family support services of Children's Hospitals and hospice programs.


The only thing we ask for in return is that when the time feels right, ask your family and friends to help support the Brandon's Goal Foundation, so that we can continue to provide quality services for families in need.


To request support of any kind, please fill out our Support Request Form.


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