About Us
The Brandon's Goal Foundation supports research for childhood cancer, patient services, family support, and raising awareness at all levels, including the US government. Brandon’s Goal was to beat his cancer and to help all kids do the same. We honor his memory by making his goal our own.
Our Vision:
Children free of cancer, everywhere.
Our Mission: 
To change the course of childhood cancer, through:

Increased research for preventing, treating and curing childhood cancer.

Increased federal attention and research funds.

Increased awareness of the unacceptable, shocking fact that cancer is the leading unpreventable cause of death in children.

Support to children and their families thrust into the world of childhood cancer.

Our Values:

Results Focus: To stay strongly focused on generating results, to help honor all of the children who have passed away or continue to suffer the effects of childhood cancer.

Empowered Kids: To educate and share the spirit of giving with children. Many of our fundraisers are about kids, organized by kids and helped run by kids.

Share the Spirit of Giving: To inspire and share the effect of selfless giving and participation with people of all ages.

Make it Easy: To make it easy for people, businesses and other organizations to get involved at any level, from the simple act of joining and sharing BGF to becoming a major donor or corporate sponsor.

Voices of Experience: To share what we have learned as parents, caregivers, and lay medical interpreters.
Operational Efficiency: To harness the power of technology and other innovation to increase our outreach while keeping operational costs low.

The Reality of Childhood Cancer
To understand why the Brandon's Goal Foundation is so critical, it's important to know that more children die from childhood cancer each year than any other diseaseIt is shocking that the #2 killer of children behind accidents is childhood cancer.   

It is also important to know that childhood cancer research is almost completely funded through private funds. The National Cancer Institute spends less than 4% of its budget on research for childhood cancers. The National Institutes of Health spends less than 1%. That is why it is so critical for childhood cancer foundations to exist and raise funds.

What about giving to worthy institutions such as St. Jude's and Children's Hospitals? Their received donations go to many things. But since childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease each year for children, we also ask you to include Brandon's Goal Foundation in your charity-giving. Our funds go exclusively to research and services for childhood cancer.

It is also important to know facts such as:
• Childhood cancer is on the rise: the incidence of invasive cancers in children has increased 29% in the last 20 years.

• Only 1 cancer drug specifically for children has been initially approved by the FDA in the past 20 years.


Learn more on our FAST FACTS page

Who We Support & How We Are Making a Difference

Research: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center / Dr. Jim Olson's lab. This lab works on childhood cancers to help find better treatments, and someday, a cure.

• In 2010, Brandon's brain tissue was donated to Dr. Jim Olson's lab.

• We have given funds that directly impact research. We received the following from Dr. Jim Olson's Lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - regarding one of the donations we made to them:  

"In contrast to many types of childhood cancer, where cure rates have climbed from less than 10% to more than 70%, childhood brain cancer remains very difficult to treat.


A major barrier to improved therapeutics is the lack of good laboratory models to help us understand brain tumor biology and assess candidate therapies.


With previous funds from Brandon's Goal - and with tissue donations from Brandon and other children - we have established a world class cutting edge research program in which we generate personalized mouse models and tumor stem cell cultures from each patient.


The stem cell cultures are used to screen all of the FDA approved drugs and those that look promising are evaluated in the brain tumors of mice that were generated from the patient.  Using this approach, we are already identifying approved drugs that have potential to help children with brain cancer. 


The project is currently funded solely through donations and the costs associated with this program are high.  A gift of $25,000 from Brandon's Goal could literally be the key to identifying effective therapies that are already in our toolbox."


Patient Services / Family Support: Children's Hospital Seattle, and Providence Hospisce Seattle
Other Organizations: Camp Korey
Learn more on our Real Results page

About the Founder & CEO: Kris Forth

On September 14th of 2010, Brandon's mother Kris officially started the Brandon’s Goal Foundation. Upon its inception, Kris said, 


 “I will live the rest of my life running Brandon’s Goal. It is my honor and responsibility to carry on my son’s legacy and goal, 'Changing the Course of Childhood Cancer.' Brandon’s Goal will allow me to take my experience with my son and help others facing the same deadly disease. More importantly, my job will be to talk about my son every day. He was my best friend, my true inspiration and the greatest person I ever knew.”

Before BGF, Kris and other parents formed and helped run a non-profit called "Friends Helping Friends," which helped support other families when their children were diagnosed with cancer. Brandon loved to help her out and see the surprise and joy in people's faces as they received help. Kris also worked at Skyhawks Sports Academy. 

Kris currently lives in Washington state, and can be contacted directly at kris@brandonsgoal.com


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Our Team

 President & Founder: Kris Forth
Vice President: Jeanne McDonald

 Treasurer: Alicia Evans
Secretary: Dianne Forth
 Content Support: K. Fellows

 Lead, Family Support: Kris Forth

 Lead, Events: Kelly Waldo

 Directors, Tournaments: Wendy 

  Winsor, Shelley Young

 Leads, Media & Marketing Support:

   Luke Duecy, Charlynn Duecy


Reach any of us via this email address: team@brandonsgoal.com

Advisory Board

 Chris Stiles: President, Skyhawks

  Sports Academy
 Robert Gellatly: Attorney, Luvera Law

 Jason Sanders: Major Account

  Executive, Puget Sound Energy

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